Religious Education Classes will resume January 10, 2016
The Twelve Days of Christmas:  The twelve days of Christmas are the days from Christmas until Epiphany.  In reality, the church celebrates the Christmas season until the feast of the Lord’s Baptism. (Sunday after Epiphany.)  Families can use the themes from the verses of the Christmas song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" to remember God’s gifts each day.
  • Day One: A partridge in a pear tree represents Christ because the partridge is willing to sacrifice its life to protect its young. Make a dessert with fresh pears and chocolate sauce.
  • Day Two: Two turtle doves represent the Old Testament. The dove is also a symbol of peace. At breakfast pick another family member's name out of a basket and promise to pray for him or her.
  • Day Three: Three French hens symbolize faith, hope and love. Serve a special chicken dish of Cornish hens for dinner this evening.
  • Day Four: Four calling birds symbolize the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Purchase some birdseeds to feed the birds outside.
  • Day Five: Five golden rings represent the first five books in the Old Testament. Have a treat at lunch: sugar or cinnamon donuts. The first to name all five Old Testament books gets an extra donut!
  • Day Six: Six geese-a-laying represented the six days of creation. Have a Christmas egg hunt.
  • Day Seven: Seven swans-a-swimming represent the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Swans might remind you of the story "The Ugly Duckling", which shows the reality that beauty can be found in surprising places. During dinner invite each family member to share the most beautiful thing they saw during the day.
  • Day Eight: Eight maids-a-milking represent the Beatitudes. Take a trip to a nearby ice cream store and see if you can name all the Beatitudes.
  • Day Nine: Nine ladies dancing represent the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Name the fruits and then put on your favorite music and have a dance party with your family.
  • Day Ten: Ten lords-a-leaping represented the Ten Commandments. Go walking or jogging as a family; or skating, sledding, or skiing. Take turns naming the commandments.
  • Day Eleven: Eleven Pipers piping symbolize the 11 faithful apostles. What song would your family play for the world? Choose one or write your own.
  • Day Twelve: Twelve drummers drumming represent the 12 points of belief in the Apostles' Creed. Appreciate the beauty of silence today. Take an hour of quiet in which everyone prays, reads and reflects on those 12 points.